Friday, 5 January 2007

Happy New Year

BridTEC wishes you a happy 2007. It's a big year for BridTEC as we celebrate 10 Years of being “at the heart of technology” i.e. 10 Years with a web presents under the former Grahamsoft brand. The launch coincided with my first year at secondary school which at the time had one network room featuring Acorn computers. Then and now the technology was dated but with the internet generally not available in schools at the time we weren't missing out on anything. The Acorns provided us with all the software we needed for our education and in some cases where better than the PC based equivalent. A few years later the school was under pressure to upgrade but with a small budget buying 30 to 60 new PCs was out the question. Instead the school invested in a smart fill-in solution which was Citrix Metaframe. I am going to spare you from the details but basically it gave the school the ability to run a Windows terminal on the existing Acorn desktops. What was even better was that a Windows terminal could also run on old PCs that would normally be thrown out. The school purchased a number of cheap old PCs and all the classrooms where kitted out with them. This was a great solution which started my interest in computer networks and I later went on to teach myself Windows 2000/3 Server.