Monday, 14 May 2007

Back to the command line?

With the recent launch of Windows Vista I naturally have to investigate the new operating system. Not only does this mean playing around with the new features but also researching what the industry leaders are saying about it. One feature that struck me is the search function that seems to be popping up in all Microsoft software these days. These search boxes doesn't do what I originally thought; send you to the MSN internet search, No, if there is a list like on MSN messenger typing something in the search box filters the list with relevant results. This feature is also on the Vista start menu (No longer called that as there is no start button). Typing a program name for example displays the link to that program and also any folders that maybe associated with that search. This is a great feature and all the reviews of vista I have read have highlighted this but I have one small issue with it, isn't it just a command line? Type "word", press enter and MS Word loads… I guess this a nice well of pleasing the Unix console mob as well as the rest of us.