Friday, 29 June 2007

Take you foot off the pedals and enjoy the ride

We are in a time of creativity at the moment; every so often the technology industry goes through this. Prior to this we have had years of development of new technologies that while potentially useful few organisations have adopted. This could be because they didn't think it was the next big thing, when it has become, or simply they haven't had time to integrate it into their business of 'commonly used technologies'. Either way businesses are now up to speed and technologies such as C Sharp that appeared in 2001, are now being commonly used. Flash is a good example of a technology that was frowned upon a few years ago as it was a plug-in and may not be installed or enabled on a user's computer. Now it's used everywhere to stream video, quite different to what is was used for five years ago. We now have the power, the bandwidth and the tools to do pretty much what we like (for now) it's now up to the creative community to think up the next big thing, hopefully not yet another social networking website.