Saturday, 18 November 2006

Is 3G finally taking off?

With the announcement this week that mobile phone operator 'Three' will be offering a flat rate fee for it 3rd generation mobile phone service, I can finally start considering upgrading my mobile phone. Two years ago I pledged to myself that I wouldn't upgrade my phone until 3G services, then very expensive, became the norm. In my opinion the operators have cut their own throats as they made the services an exclusive product and didn't create reasonable pricing plans. Pricing plans where created around the pay-for-what-you-use model, the model that most operators used for text messaging. So fixed prices were created for each megabyte a user used for the use of any 3G services. In the age where you pay a fixed fee for your home broadband service, this pricing plan wasn't going to work and it has resulted in very slow take up for 3G services. Now 'Three' has announced their new flat rate fee pricing plan, we can only wait before the other operators will follow suit and maybe 3G will finally take off.